Sunday Thoughts

It is late and I feel like I am breaking the unspoken blogger rule about posting on a weekend.  Most (if not all?) of the blogs I follow only post during the week. What can I say, I like to break the rules. haha.

Today was busy, but mostly in a good way! One of my favorite parts of the day, even though it involved waking up earlier than I would like, was the adult Sunday School at my church before service. Today was the start of a new study called “World Religions”. I actually thought it started last Sunday and was feeling pretty bad about not making it because I overslept. Then mid-week, I noticed my church’s fb post reminding people about the upcoming study! Thank you facebook!! haha. As you can imagine, I was determined to make it today!  How many churches take the time to learn about other peoples’ faith? I seriously love that! Sometimes, I think if Christians listened more and talked (evangelize) less they might be able to draw more people to Christ. No one likes a pushy Christian. If you’re not willing to learn about their faith, why should they learn about yours? At least that’s what I think. Today was really only an intro, there was no specific religion discussed, but I am definitely looking forward to the following weeks.  I only wish I didn’t have to miss next week! I also think this study came at such a perfect time, because I am currently reading Undivided. Although, I am not yet finished (I plan to write a review later!) this book features a conversation between a Christian mother and her Muslim daughter. I am really enjoying learning about Islam! Also, I am surprised at the many similarities there are between Islam and Christianity. In general, I think people share more in common with their neighbor than they think they do, they just need to listen.



And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.
 Mark 12:31