I Care, But I Don’t Care

It has been foreverrrrr, and ever since my last post!  I finally feel like writing again! 🙂 The feeling probably hit me about a week ago, but I’ve been a little busy, and a little more tired now that I’m balancing a second job. I have a lot of things that I want to write about, but today this idea of caring/not really caring came to mind. I know that might sound a little contradictory, but I will try my best to explain myself.

Let me start by saying I care A LOT! I feel like half the time I find myself caring about things that are not even directly related to me. I suppose the proper word for this is sympathy. I sympathize easily for the misfortunes of others. literally, at times it feels like my heart just breaks. While at the same time, there are a million billion things I could care less about.  As I have thought about this idea throughout the day, I also realize that there are probably certain things I should care more about, and maybe some things I need to let go.

I have worked in customer service foreverrrrr, and most days I like it! But there are some days it takes everything in me not to roll my eyes and have an attitude when someone gets rude. I am pretty sure I am learning patience every day. I do not understand how some people can blow up if they don’t get what they ordered, or if a store doesn’t have what they want, or if there is a long line. Or whatever mistake happens…because that never happens. ha. Some people get straight up nasty. And every time I find myself thinking, if this is how they respond to something so minuscule…how do they get through life when an actual problem occurs??  That would be a time not to care, mistakes happen. Let it go. Forgive. move on.

This one may sound silly, but road rage….that’s another thing I don’t understand. People are crazy, some people probably shouldn’t be driving on the roads, and because of this I don’t have high expectations from the people on the road.  As long as I don’t cause an accident, and I get from point A to point B alive and well. I just don’t care about anything else. If I am safe, I am happy!

I could probably come up with a lengthy list of random things I think people care wayyy to much about. To those people I would say invest your heart in the things that matter. Care about things you can actually change, or things you want to see changed.

To be honest, my list of things I really don’t care about is prettttty long. And my list of things I care about is somewhat selective, slowly growing, and is not very long…but the few things on that list I care for so deeply. They remind me of what’s important and what’s not.