Friday Favorites

Who knew that posting twice in one week would be a challenge?! But I plan to still do that this week, and write something either on Saturday or Sunday.

This week I have worked every. single. day. ew. I will also be working on Saturday and Sunday. ew. but it’s not that bad, and this girl needs some money!

I thought I would share some of my favorite things from this week!

  1. I had my first ever burger from Five Guys this week, thanks to my lovely boyfriend! SO GOOD!
  2. Playing pool!
  3. Running twice with a new group of people! They seriously pushed me in the best way possible to run faster and longer!
  4. Reading two new books! Undivided & The Shack
  5. The sweetest fb shout out from the coffee shop I last reviewed!
  6. Bought myself a cute little ring.
  7. Reading the Bible with Eric! We just started a plan to read the Bible in a year!!!

8. This picture…I love snapchat! I am especially fond of the puppy dog ears and I am always asking Eric to take a picture with that filter. He hates it. I love it. And when he took this picture I wasn’t ready at all, so it looks like i’m the one who hates it. haha

Think Happy. Be Happy.