Dreaming More, Fearing Less, Living Fully

I believe God can use anyone and anything to teach you a lesson. Some of my favorite life lessons have come from the interactions with children.  They process the world around them so differently, it’s refreshing. They often dream big without the fears of this world weighing them down. I love that “I can do, or be anything attitude” People seem to forget that as they age, myself included, and set more “realistic” and safe goals (I wouldn’t even call them dreams anymore). Life should not be limited to a checklist of things.

Although I have no kiddos, I have learned a few lessons about living fearlessly through my sweet little energetic boxer pup, Maggie. Yes, even your pets can teach you a thing or two!  Just the other day we were at the dog park. Maggie was the only dog running around, which I was actually pretty happy about because I am the biggest scaredy cat around other dogs. I am probably the only dog owner who is scared of other dogs. Anyways, a lady walks by with her REALLY big pitbull, and does what any good dog park walker should do, and asks if my dog is good with other dogs, and if it was okay for her to bring her dog inside. I give my normal response, and tell her my dog is a puppy and is still learning how to interact with other dogs, but has always been friendly. As she walks around to the entrance, I was scared for myself because I had to be inside the dog park with Bonnie, the big pit.  Dog park rules state that you must be inside with them. ugh. Meanwhile, Maggie was an even bigger ball of energy when she saw Bonnie and her owner. I think in her head, just like a child, every new person and dog becomes her new bff that she wants to play with. Once they were inside, Maggie was doing what any boxer would do and jumps all over Bonnie and uses her front paws to “box”. In my head, i’m thinking whyyyyy Maggie. This dog is so much bigger than you, be nice! Bonnie was a good sport, but after a while, she just wanted to roam around and be left alone. Maggie wasn’t getting the message, and I may have had to literally pick her up and walk out of the park. But that little interaction made me stop and think about how fearless my baby puppy is! It also taught me I should not be so quick to judge other breeds. Fear can stop a lot of things from happening. But what if more people lived fearlessly, what would happen then? Would more friendships be made? Would more dreams be reached?



One thought on “Dreaming More, Fearing Less, Living Fully

  1. So…. I have read your whole blog and it opened my eyes to you a little bit. I just wanted to say that… Girl you should give yourself a little credit. You want to be fearless and have a child like attitude that you can do it. Well I think you have. It takes guts, strong will, and courage/ fearlessness to move out of a comfort zone/ to another state solo. To find yourself wondering where to live, work etc. Stepping out into the unknown is probably the hardest thing to do. You took a leap of faith and it is paying off for you and Eric. I would be scared to death doing that. I think you’re are more like Maggie then you think…. maybe not with people but with everything else. Maybe once we hang out and get to know each other your openmindedness to the world around you and other cultures will rub off on me and alittle bit of my BOLD personality with people could do the same for you. (In a good way)

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