Kiss the Bricks and Run

Last Saturday I did something I hateeeee doing, only to do something that I loveeee. Running is definitely a love/hate relationship.  My alarm was set to go off at 4:30 AM but my body decided that I should start my day even earlier by waking up at 4:15… yes, I was mad at not getting those extra 15 minutes.  I was waking up early to drive downtown to Indianapolis, where I would be running the Indy Mini marathon.  By the time I left my apartment it was almost 5:00 it took me a little over an hour to get there and find parking.  Thankfully, I gave myself enough time that finding parking was easy! I was really worried about this because I was told there would be close to 40,000 people running! Crazy! I also found out later that this half marathon is the largest 1/2 in all of the United States! Even crazier!


This was my first time running the Indy Mini, but my third half marathon. Prior to this one, I have raced in the Cleveland half twice. Before the race began, I met up with someone from my running group. This person happens to be a very seasoned runner who is very very fast.  He asked me what my goal time was, and typical lazy-runner me, responds by saying as long as I don’t walk I will be happy. And if I could get under three hours to beat my previous times I would be pleased. He told me that I could easily do that. I laughed and reminded him that I am slow runner. He offered to help me keep pace, and  we ran the race side by side. I should also mention that before the race started, he had ran the 5k that was a half hour before, to help another runner in the group keep pace. The lady he had helped ended up running her fastest 5k!

My favorite part of the race was when I was running on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Not only because it was flat (that was a hugeee plus) but because there was a fun tradition that I learned there. Runners stopped to “Kiss the Bricks” there was a small section of the original brick track.  I had never heard of this tradition before, but all of a sudden the term “Brickyard” made sense! It’s hard to believe that the track was once made up of bricks. Although I did not lay down on the ground and kiss the bricks like a lot of runners stopped to do…I did bend over to take a quick pic with the bricks. This part of the race, was around mile 7.

It was also around mile 7 that I could start to feel my body getting slower.  Up until that point, my miles were around the 10 minute pace.  I started to slow down a bit after mile 7, but I was still very happy with my times! When I was at mile 10 and I realized I was under 2 hours I was SOOOO happy, it gave me the boost of energy I needed! I ended up crossing the finish line with a time of 2 hours and 34 minutes! I was seriously crying happy tears! The medics at the finish thought there was something wrong with me, I assured them I was fine.  This was my fastest half marathon! I was so surprised that I did that, and I am super thankful I had someone to pace me!



First time Ear Candling

Perhaps part of my lack of inspiration last week had something to do with my earache. It sounds minor I know, but it was soooo annoyingly frustrating!  My ears had started to feel clogged for a few weeks…but it was last week that I was having headaches constantly and a slight pain in my jaw. Unfortunately, I am quite familiar with earaches and for a long, long time (basically all my life) I have had a problem with excess wax build up, to the point I can hardly hear. Yeah, eww, not cool.

In the past, I would fix this by going to a doctor and getting my ears cleaned out with a waterpik.  I hate doing that so much, because I find it uncomfortable and sometimes if that doesn’t work they stick a long q-tip like thing in my ear, except it’s not a q-tip, and it’s hard, not soft. That is also super uncomfortable!

Soooooo, this time I was determined to find a natural way to fix my ears without seeing the doctor! I realize cleaning my ears with water is “natural” but I really wanted to find another way, that feels better.

Over the years I have tried a variety of oils (sweet oil, olive oil, garlic oil, arnica oil and baby oil), and I do think they help to loosen the wax, just not a significant amount for me.

The next thing on my natural home remedy list was: EAR CANDLING, or as my mom called it witchcraft haha, Thanks mom! I had heard of ear candling, but I have always been doubtful, so I was kind of excited to find out if it really works. When I was looking up places to have it done, I saw prices that ranged from $20-35, that’s not horrible…but i’m also extremely cheap, and if I can do something myself, I will! So, I attempted to do this by myself (which, I don’t recommend as it’s not the safest thing to do)…and find out if ear candling really works!

If you’ve never heard of ear candling, it’s a method to remove wax from one’s ear using smoke.  I like how Carla from describes is: “The flame at one end of the candle creates smoke which travels through the tapered end into the ear canal. The closed fire-smoke system also creates vacuum loop sending the smoke back up the candle toward the flame.” She does a much better job of describing the process, I would definitely check out her page if you’re interested in learning more!

I bought my ear candles from a health food store (I read that the candles made from beeswax are the best, I tried beeswax and soy)

To do this as safe a possible…I used a pie tin, and poked a hole through to protect my hand from the flame.  I also set a mirror up in front of me to watch as the fire burned the candle.  It’s a very strange yet calming feeling.  During


the process you can hear a slight crackling noise. And by the end of it, my headache went away and my ears felt much better!! The best part, or maybe the gross part, was cutting open my candle to look at all the earwax inside! I was shocked! The ear candles seemed to completely fix my left ear, but my right ear was still not 100% and I ended up going to a doctor the next day…only to get them cleaned by flushing my ear out with water.  Am I glad I tried this? Yes, would I do it again? Maybe.  But next time I think I would go get it done by a professional!