Hello there! Thanks for reading! My name is Isabel and this little blog of mine –The Blessed Bean has been a dream of mine since my junior year of college (perhaps I should dream bigger, ha).  I have been an avid blog reader for years! Now, I finally have the time to start my own, and I am SO EXCITED to share my love for coffee shops, food, faith, and my random thoughts that need a place to go. haha. My hope is that by sharing all this, I will a.) Bring a smile to your face b.) Inspire some sort of good OR c.) Become a friendly reminder that your life is waaaaay more together than you think it is. Because I can guarantee you mine is not.

….And if you’re still reading, I thought I would add a few fun facts about me 🙂

  1. Born in Maryland, but I do not like seafood.
  2. Scared of basically any dog (big or small doesn’t matter) but I have one.
  3. Grew up in England, that does not mean I lived in London or have an accent, sorry!
  4. Although I am fond of chocolate, and I really like mints, I NEVER want them together.
  5. I hate standing while eating, I don’t feel like I am enjoying my food as much.
  6. My freshmen year of college I was a religious studies major, but I graduated with my B.S. in Exercise Science.
  7. I am left handed, I don’t think that’s anything special, but when people notice they always say something…why?
  8. I was friends with my boyfriend for 5 years before we started dating, there’s something rare & special about that!
  9. I don’t like the taste of coconut. However, if it’s in something and I don’t taste it, that’s okay…it is kind of healthy.
  10. One of my life long dreams would be to own my coffee shop 🙂 Can you guess what I would call it..? 😉