365 Days Later

Time sure has a funny way of slipping by rather quickly, and I can’t believe all the changes that have occurred over the last 12 months! Exactly one year ago I made a pretty big decision, I moved from Ohio to Indiana! I quit my job, I left behind some amazing friends, a spirit filled church, a vibrant city, the worlds cutest coffee shop, aka: my second home, and with tear filled eyes I left my Nonna, who I had been living with since I had graduated college.

Moving has always been the easy thing for me to do, but saying goodbye has always been the hardest.

This past year has been a roller coaster of ups and downs. Indiana greeted me with my first speeding ticket the day I moved here. I found a roommate from an add on craigslist.  It was all good for a few months, until she spontaneously brought home a cat (I’m allergic) that liked to scratch furniture (my furniture) and her boo thang went from an occasional visitor to semi-permeant, non-paying resident (not cool).  So I broke the lease, and transferred out into my own apartment.  Funny enough, we both still live in the same building. She continues to hate me, and I continue to smile and say Hi.  Life is too short to hold a grudge.  Lesson learned, maybe I should not have used craiglist for a roommate.

The next thing that did not go according to plan was my job.  I accepted a case manager position with a family service agency.  This job was a nightmare, the agency was incredibly difficult to work with, un-professional, and refused to pay me because they can do that when you are in independent contractor. So I quit, and I was scared, but didn’t tell anyone and worked part time jobs until I could find something.  Thankfully, at this point I was still living with a roommate and rent was cheap-ish.  It was actually the week I moved out that I started working full time again. Literally, perfect timing! Thank you Jesus!

   This is what moving across the hall looks like with no  totes…
By the end of the day you could see the floor!! YAY

But there is one thing that makes up for all the craziness of this year, and that’s living in the same town as my boyfriend! Long distance was tough, especially when you start your relationship that way! I would never ever want to go through that again. So in my eyes, it’s all been worth it.  All these ups and downs have a way of making my faith grow.  The struggle can do that to you, and sometimes it’s just want you need!

My first ever football game! AND THE COLTS WON!
Love is in the air! Wedding time!

I didn’t expect my year to turn out this way, but I am glad it has. I love my little apartment, I love this time I have to grow on my own. One of the best parts to living on my own, is that i’m not really alone…because I have the cutest puppy that I probably never would have had, had I been living with someone else.

Miss Maggie Mae, the only dog I’m not scared of.
She thinks i’m crazy….crazy about her <3


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  1. All that you have been through this past year, the good times, the trials, the ups and the downs have made you the person you are today. Although I have not been there for the beginning of it all, I can say that I have witnessed enough to see you grow. I have seen God bless you and also God has blessed our family by bringing us together. Your new extended family loves you very much.

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