Sunday Thoughts

It is late and I feel like I am breaking the unspoken blogger rule about posting on a weekend.  Most (if not all?) of the blogs I follow only post during the week. What can I say, I like to break the rules. haha.

Today was busy, but mostly in a good way! One of my favorite parts of the day, even though it involved waking up earlier than I would like, was the adult Sunday School at my church before service. Today was the start of a new study called “World Religions”. I actually thought it started last Sunday and was feeling pretty bad about not making it because I overslept. Then mid-week, I noticed my church’s fb post reminding people about the upcoming study! Thank you facebook!! haha. As you can imagine, I was determined to make it today!  How many churches take the time to learn about other peoples’ faith? I seriously love that! Sometimes, I think if Christians listened more and talked (evangelize) less they might be able to draw more people to Christ. No one likes a pushy Christian. If you’re not willing to learn about their faith, why should they learn about yours? At least that’s what I think. Today was really only an intro, there was no specific religion discussed, but I am definitely looking forward to the following weeks.  I only wish I didn’t have to miss next week! I also think this study came at such a perfect time, because I am currently reading Undivided. Although, I am not yet finished (I plan to write a review later!) this book features a conversation between a Christian mother and her Muslim daughter. I am really enjoying learning about Islam! Also, I am surprised at the many similarities there are between Islam and Christianity. In general, I think people share more in common with their neighbor than they think they do, they just need to listen.



And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.
 Mark 12:31

Friday Favorites

Who knew that posting twice in one week would be a challenge?! But I plan to still do that this week, and write something either on Saturday or Sunday.

This week I have worked every. single. day. ew. I will also be working on Saturday and Sunday. ew. but it’s not that bad, and this girl needs some money!

I thought I would share some of my favorite things from this week!

  1. I had my first ever burger from Five Guys this week, thanks to my lovely boyfriend! SO GOOD!
  2. Playing pool!
  3. Running twice with a new group of people! They seriously pushed me in the best way possible to run faster and longer!
  4. Reading two new books! Undivided & The Shack
  5. The sweetest fb shout out from the coffee shop I last reviewed!
  6. Bought myself a cute little ring.
  7. Reading the Bible with Eric! We just started a plan to read the Bible in a year!!!

8. This picture…I love snapchat! I am especially fond of the puppy dog ears and I am always asking Eric to take a picture with that filter. He hates it. I love it. And when he took this picture I wasn’t ready at all, so it looks like i’m the one who hates it. haha

Think Happy. Be Happy.

Coffee Shop Talk: Copper Moon


As a brand new blogger who claims to love all thing coffee, it’s about time I post something about it! Today I visited Lafayette’s newest coffee shop, Copper Moon! I have been waiting for this place to open for months! Somehow this coffee shop stalker missed the fact that they opened yesterday!! I may have been a day late, but I made up for it today by indulging in a large iced mocha, a turkey apple gouda panini, and the most delicious blueberry scone!

This place was exactly what I needed today! I was in the mood for coffee and food, and a quite place to do some reading. You would think that would be easy to find, but let me tell you, it’s not. Almost all the coffee shops downtown have very little seating, they are over packed, and their food & dessert selection is sparse, not to mention that all of the shops require street parking, and if you have my luck, there’s normally nothing close by.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have love for them! But I was just craving something different today, I actually ALMOST went to Starbucks, which I don’t normally do (I prefer supporting smaller shops), but I was in a funky mood and I knew I would be passing a Starbucks on my way home. As I was getting ready to pull into Starbucks, I noticed that there were some cars in the parking lot of Copper Moon! I instantly changed my mind, and drove across the street to check it out! As I as getting closer, I wasn’t sure if the cars in the parking lot were from patrons of the restaurant next store, because I did not see any neon open signs in the front of Copper Moon (maybe I just missed it?) So I was little unsure if they were open…that was until I parked my car and saw some people walking out.

As soon as I walked in, I loved the feel of the place! There were plenty of tables and a few of my favorite “comfy chairs” I like coffee shops that have a good mix of seating. I should note, that there was lots of outside seating too! That was a plus, because many of the shops downtown do not have that option (except Star City).  Even though I was a barista for many years, in a few different places I always take a long time to look at the menu and ask questions.  The baristas working were very friendly! Another plus! Every time I visit a new coffee shop, I ALWAYS ask about their chai tea! Chai Lattes are my favorite drink <333 I asked if their chai is liquid or powder….I was told they make there’s with liquid, which a lot of places do. I just personally prefer powder. So I decided to order my next favorite drink, an iced mocha! I was super happy with the size! Some coffee shops use the same size cup for their iced drinks and just change the amount of espresso in the drink depending on the size ordered. Not a fan of that! So when I saw my drink, in an actual LARGE cup (my guess is that it was a 16oz cup) I was happy!!

Overall, I was very pleased with Cooper Moon! I was loving my sandwich and ate 1/2 of it before I realized I should take a picture for the blog!

I will definitely be back!

But First, Coffee.



First time Ear Candling

Perhaps part of my lack of inspiration last week had something to do with my earache. It sounds minor I know, but it was soooo annoyingly frustrating!  My ears had started to feel clogged for a few weeks…but it was last week that I was having headaches constantly and a slight pain in my jaw. Unfortunately, I am quite familiar with earaches and for a long, long time (basically all my life) I have had a problem with excess wax build up, to the point I can hardly hear. Yeah, eww, not cool.

In the past, I would fix this by going to a doctor and getting my ears cleaned out with a waterpik.  I hate doing that so much, because I find it uncomfortable and sometimes if that doesn’t work they stick a long q-tip like thing in my ear, except it’s not a q-tip, and it’s hard, not soft. That is also super uncomfortable!

Soooooo, this time I was determined to find a natural way to fix my ears without seeing the doctor! I realize cleaning my ears with water is “natural” but I really wanted to find another way, that feels better.

Over the years I have tried a variety of oils (sweet oil, olive oil, garlic oil, arnica oil and baby oil), and I do think they help to loosen the wax, just not a significant amount for me.

The next thing on my natural home remedy list was: EAR CANDLING, or as my mom called it witchcraft haha, Thanks mom! I had heard of ear candling, but I have always been doubtful, so I was kind of excited to find out if it really works. When I was looking up places to have it done, I saw prices that ranged from $20-35, that’s not horrible…but i’m also extremely cheap, and if I can do something myself, I will! So, I attempted to do this by myself (which, I don’t recommend as it’s not the safest thing to do)…and find out if ear candling really works!

If you’ve never heard of ear candling, it’s a method to remove wax from one’s ear using smoke.  I like how Carla from describes is: “The flame at one end of the candle creates smoke which travels through the tapered end into the ear canal. The closed fire-smoke system also creates vacuum loop sending the smoke back up the candle toward the flame.” She does a much better job of describing the process, I would definitely check out her page if you’re interested in learning more!

I bought my ear candles from a health food store (I read that the candles made from beeswax are the best, I tried beeswax and soy)

To do this as safe a possible…I used a pie tin, and poked a hole through to protect my hand from the flame.  I also set a mirror up in front of me to watch as the fire burned the candle.  It’s a very strange yet calming feeling.  During


the process you can hear a slight crackling noise. And by the end of it, my headache went away and my ears felt much better!! The best part, or maybe the gross part, was cutting open my candle to look at all the earwax inside! I was shocked! The ear candles seemed to completely fix my left ear, but my right ear was still not 100% and I ended up going to a doctor the next day…only to get them cleaned by flushing my ear out with water.  Am I glad I tried this? Yes, would I do it again? Maybe.  But next time I think I would go get it done by a professional!


Blogging for a Purpose

I’m already slacking on the blog thing, which I know is not good.  I keep thinking I’ll write when I feel inspired, but for a few weeks now, I have felt little inspiration. Lately, I have been thinking a lot  about the purpose of my blog. This train of thought began as I started noticing a million billion facebook related adds about people who turned their blogs into businesses. Of course that got me thinking! Especially when you see catchy words and phrases like “6 figure income” …sign this girl up, asap! And the more I read these amazing inspirational stories, I found myself wishing that was me. Thus, led me to a whole lotttta thinking, what is my purpose for this space. Especially, when I’m lacking inspiration.  Should I write when i’m not “feeling it” or should I wait for “it”.  Because I want my blog to be a place where someone can read something and feel connected, if that makes senses? And to do that, I feel like writing that is not forced is best? BUT, I also think getting my thoughts out there helps me.  There’s something therapeutic about reading and writing that calms me. And right now, I need that. Sooooo,  heads up, if my future posts seem a little boring/whiny, I’m writing for me. The plan as of now, is to write a minimum of 2 posts per week. I need a goal, and I think that’s a good one . As for that $ix-figure number, haha I can dream, but it’s not a goal.


ALSO, completely random, but I love, LOVE reading a good quote. I think I’ll end my posts with ones that I like! 🙂

I think new writers are too worried that it has all been said before.  Sure it has, but not by you.       – Asha Dornfest

Dreaming More, Fearing Less, Living Fully

I believe God can use anyone and anything to teach you a lesson. Some of my favorite life lessons have come from the interactions with children.  They process the world around them so differently, it’s refreshing. They often dream big without the fears of this world weighing them down. I love that “I can do, or be anything attitude” People seem to forget that as they age, myself included, and set more “realistic” and safe goals (I wouldn’t even call them dreams anymore). Life should not be limited to a checklist of things.

Although I have no kiddos, I have learned a few lessons about living fearlessly through my sweet little energetic boxer pup, Maggie. Yes, even your pets can teach you a thing or two!  Just the other day we were at the dog park. Maggie was the only dog running around, which I was actually pretty happy about because I am the biggest scaredy cat around other dogs. I am probably the only dog owner who is scared of other dogs. Anyways, a lady walks by with her REALLY big pitbull, and does what any good dog park walker should do, and asks if my dog is good with other dogs, and if it was okay for her to bring her dog inside. I give my normal response, and tell her my dog is a puppy and is still learning how to interact with other dogs, but has always been friendly. As she walks around to the entrance, I was scared for myself because I had to be inside the dog park with Bonnie, the big pit.  Dog park rules state that you must be inside with them. ugh. Meanwhile, Maggie was an even bigger ball of energy when she saw Bonnie and her owner. I think in her head, just like a child, every new person and dog becomes her new bff that she wants to play with. Once they were inside, Maggie was doing what any boxer would do and jumps all over Bonnie and uses her front paws to “box”. In my head, i’m thinking whyyyyy Maggie. This dog is so much bigger than you, be nice! Bonnie was a good sport, but after a while, she just wanted to roam around and be left alone. Maggie wasn’t getting the message, and I may have had to literally pick her up and walk out of the park. But that little interaction made me stop and think about how fearless my baby puppy is! It also taught me I should not be so quick to judge other breeds. Fear can stop a lot of things from happening. But what if more people lived fearlessly, what would happen then? Would more friendships be made? Would more dreams be reached?