Turkish Food

My first blog post!!  AHH! YAY!! 

I may have spent a few days thinking, overthinking about what the FIRST post on my blog would be! I had SOO many ideas, and then today happened, and I knew it was something I wanted to share with you!

I love learning about new cultures! I get so excited when I meet someone from a new country because I like to learn about the different ways people live, think, and believe. I think our differences make us unique and should be shared! As an American who grew up in England, I learned to really appreciate and acknowledge cultural differences.  One of my favorite cultural differences to embrace is the FOOD, is that bad? Haha.  Food has a way of bringing people together, and I love that! Today, me and my boyfriend were invited to have a light dinner/dessert with some Turkish friends.  The food was unlike anything I have ever had! It was so delicious! After taking a few bites, I realized that I had to write about this and a picture was needed! The couple who invited us, also invited a few of their friends who are also Turkish. One of the women there saw me take a picture of my food, and offered me her plate to use as a better picture, because she had not yet touched her food. Her simple gesture, really made me smile! I think it will also give you a better picture too!

As you can see in the picture, we are both holding her plate as I took a quick pic! I should mention, that the dessert on top is one that I brought, a cannoli, as it is my favoriteeeeee Italian dessert.  The other things on the plate, include groats, that’s the stuff that looks like rice. It’s actually bulgur and it was my first time having that! It was soooo much better than your typical rice or quinoa. It was packed with flavor! Then there’s a bread roll, which tasted a little sweet on top. Yuuuumm. And last but not least, the cake was called Revani.  It tasted similar to a tres leche cake…but even better!!! While we chatted about the differences between America and Turkey we sipped on tea, that was served in really small clear glasses. Tea is extremely popular there and is served after most meals. Our dinner & dessert was such a sweet treat!  I am hoping in the future to try my hand at making some Turkish food because it was just that good!